Can you Make Money Online Blogging?

New bloggers are always learning ways to make money online, and during this quest they find blogging. There are so many success stories out there, that anyone would be convinced that it is the ideal way to make money online. However, there are a few that still question this phenomena.

You will often hear people asking professional bloggers, “can you make money blogging?” Let me answer it for you, of course it is possible to make money online blogging, why would they be doing it if it wasn’t? The reason behind their hesitation, is easy to understand, as there do not wish for more competition. The concept is not easy to understand, which is why I have divided it, to help you understand better.

1.Possible to Money making with blogging? 
Yes, it is very much possible to make money online blogging, there are thousands of bloggers around the world who are currently working as part-time of full-time bloggers. It depends on how driven you are to make it work, as some newbie blogger are making much more than seasoned bloggers.

2.There are numerous ways to make money online bloggingThere are so many ways you can make money online today using your blog, that there is room for everyone. Just because you ask someone if their blog is making money using advertisements, and they reply “no”. It does not mean they are not making money using a different source. Bloggers today are less likely to give away their “trading secrets”, as it took them months or years to figure it out.

3.The hidden formula is, that there is no set formulaThe internet is full of places that offer you full proof “formulas” that will allow you to succeed, and it usually required you to buy a product. They are numerous “guarantees” given along with supportive infographics to convince you. But, in my personal opinion, there is no formula. As each blogger is different in nature, catering to a different niche, there is no way “one set formula” would work for everyone. Blogging is all about being unique, your uniqueness is what will set you apart from others, and help you make money online.

4.The Building processThe blog building process is not just creating a blog, if you are really keen on making money online blogging, then you will need to build your foundation in the virtual world. Keep in mind that a solid foundation takes time to build, but ensures stability in the long run. Similarly, your blog will take time to build, but the key here is to keep at it. Take out time to build your brand, a good reputation, and loyal readers.

5.Does it require work?
There is another general misconception, which leads people into believing that making money online does not require work. If you are only getting into blogging because you feel it is an easy way to make money online, then you are in for a surprise. It does not matter if you are a full time blogger or a part time blogger, you will have to put in a lot of effort and hours to start generating a decent income. However, it will take time for you to generate a decent income, do I suggest holding onto your day job, until your blog takes off.
When you start blogging, the only thing you need great content, once you have content, you need to start looking for readers. The best way to target audience is via SEO, and social media. This will allow you to build your very own community of readers, these will be people who read your blog, and follow your posts. Which will lead to the money making process, which will be deeply connected to ensure your blog is well maintained. So, yes, making money online blogging is possible, but it requires a lot of hard work, and dedication.

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