How to write for SEO friendly articles – Blogging Tips for Beginners

If you are looking an easy guide on how to write for SEO, then you have found the right place. It does not matter what you are writing content for, all that matters is how to write for SEO.
Keeping in mind this simple rule will allow you to optimize your blog for search engines. These are some sure and accurate ways that are laid down after great research and study of search engine algorithms.

Here we have completed six easy steps on how to write for SEO.

#1 Keyword – a keyword is the phrase that allow you to rank on the first page search engine results. Which is why is it important to pick the right keyword. The keyword you choose must be simple, yet it should be able to describe the topic you are covering. This simple yet effective step will allow you to rank better. So the next time you are wondering how to write for SEO, start with a keyword.

#2 Title – the next step in how to write for SEO, is to pick a good title. Try to keep your keyword in the beginning of your title, and keep it above 8 words, and under 18 words. However, you should try to keep it as relevant as possible. Look at my blog title, it is a creative way to stick to the word count, adding keyword, and other relevant text all in one.

#3 URL – it is important that you include your keyword(s) in the URL of your blog post. This is a subtle way to ensure that the search engine ranks you higher when someone searches for that exact keyword. Most content systems allow you to edit your URL, so take advantage and add your keyword.

#4 First Paragraph – mention your keyword as soon as you can, and try to include it in the first paragraph. The earlier you make the purpose of your post clear the better.

#5 Anchor Text – after you are done writing your text, pick a few words and use them as anchor text. Anchor text is when you use a phrase on your page, and instead of adding a URL, you embed a link into the phrase. This way, when the reader clicks on the phrase they are taken to the webpage of your choice.

#6 Website link – building backlinks is a great way to add worth to your website. However, only backlinks from worthy websites is considered. So if you can convince a highly regarded website to add your website link in their content, then you will automatically be regarded highly in search engine results.

These six easy tips on how to write for SEO, will help you get started. Apart from these, you will obviously have to work on quality content. As search engines have bots that scan websites to ensure they offer quality content before ranking them. If your website offers a clean display, paired with unique and easy to understand content.

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