What Is SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

Hello friends Welcome to My Blog AKLESHYADAV. Hello friends Today in this article I am going to tell you about What Is SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) And Types Of SEO And more about SEO.
SEO Search Engine Optimization
SEO Search Engine Optimization

What Is SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

SEO is the algorithm or system by search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and more.
SEO stands for search engine optimization, which increase quality and quantity of your blog or website. SEO gives us organic traffic I means SEO gives number of traffics from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex and other search engines.

Friends, now let's move to the real issue that  What Is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We Can drive Unlimited traffic on our blog or website from SEO.
SEO is the system that gives traffic from search engines and other sources like social media.

How SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) Works

SEO works on keywords in search engines. when we any keywords in search engines like Google whatever you're using for search here you see the results in down of image which provides by me.

What Is SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

In the image you can see I am search a keyword "seo" in the image sercherd keyword seo and there results and on this keyword ranked websites in the image you can see. i think now you can understand how seo (search engine optimization) works

How To Do SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) In Blogger

Now I am going to tell you how to do seo of your blog or website step by step.

Step 1 :- Add Your focus keyword in your blog Domain Name And Tittle.

Step 2 :- Add Your focus keyword in your blog Description.

Step 3 :- Add Your focus keyword in your blog Meta Description.

Follow these steps to do SEO of your blog site. Now you are thinking how to seo in blogger posts means how we can do seo in our article or post whatever your article or post, Now I am Going to tell you How To Do SEO In Blogger Posts step by step.

● Use Your focus keywords in your post Tittle , Heading, And Search Description,  Permalink , And Your Content.

● Always Bold Your focus keywords via B button when you write your post in blogger.

● Never use your focus keywords more than 3% always use your keywords 1% or 2% .

Types of SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

There are three types of seo ( search engine optimization )

● On Page SEO
● Off Page SEO
● Technical SEO

What Is On Page SEO

On Page SEO is types your content I mean when you write your content you need to add your keyword in your post Tittle, Headings, Meta Description ( Search Description ) , And In your Permalink.

Do these things to do On Page SEO in your posts.

  • Keywords Research find best keywords via keywords research tools to rank your post on these keywords in Google.
  • Keywords Optimization do proper keywords Optimization and always Bold Or Italic Or Underline your keywords in posts.

What Is Technical SEO

Technical SEO means how much your site speed , when search engines crawl your website and how many category in your website and things that should be available on your blog site.

What Is Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO means backlinks , social sharing , making post videos on YouTube Or Dailymotion Or an Other Platform.

Now You are thinking What Is Backlinks now I'm going to tell you what is Backlinks

What Is Backlinks

Backlinks means when any other site who refer your post or your site via Hyperlinks Or Anchor Texts is called Backlinks. In the short form we can say when other give your site is called Backlinks.

Hello Friends in this article I'm tell you about What Is SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) I'm thinking now you have been understand what is seo, please share this on Social Media your friends or your relatives.

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